B.Sc. Botany Semester 5 N CORE Course; Course Name- Cell Biology, Genetics and Plant Breeding Course Code- BOT5; Course Duration- Theory – 60 Hrs., Practical – 30 Hrs.; Instructor: KVM



“The Genetics serves as a foundation for multiple courses that will be offered to you throughout your study. The course will start by presenting an overview of the genetics, followed by mendels law of inheritance, Chromosome theory of inheritance, Linkage and crossing over. To be more particular, this course is divided into four quadrants that are consequently divided into lessons each lesson covering a topic in substantial details.


· Quadrant 1 one covers the overview of genetics .

· Quadrant 2 two deals with Mendelian Genetics

· Quadrant 3 covers the Linkage

· Quadrant 3 covers the Crossing over


To acknowledge the history of modern genetics and interpret important terminology in genetics work used, specifically relating to areas of study such as plant and animal sciences, conservation of plant and animal species, agriculture, horticulture, veterinary medicine and human health sciences.To develop understanding of the structures (organelles) of cells and comprehend their basic functions specifically relating to cell division.To discuss the main ways features are inherited.To develop knowledge of biological interactions and understand the significance of gene expression in heritability. Describe chemicals and reactions involved in genetics including protein synthesis.Explain the nature and management of genetic mutations.Develop understanding of how DNA repair mechanisms, and recombination to understand the significance of DNA cleaving and re-joining.Demonstrate an understanding of genetics to explain how variations occur in living organisms both within and beyond species.Explain both the significance and dynamics of genetic variation within populations of different living organisms.Describe how genetic knowledge is applied to a variety of human endeavours.

About Syllabus

· Unit 1 – Genetics :Introduction/Overview

· Unit 1-Post-assessment

· Unit 2 – Mendels law of inheritance

· Unit 2-Post-assessment

· Unit 3 – Chromosome theory of inheritance

· Unit 3-Post-assessment

· Unit 4 – Linkage

· Unit 4-Post-assessment

· Unit 5 – Construction of Genetic Maps

· Unit 5-Post-assessment

· Unit 6 – Crossing Over

· Unit-6-Post-assessment

The online version of the course will provide you with additional resources such as post lecture assignments (with bonus points), online activities, quizzes and computer based exams (both models and past years exams). Finally, the most important advantage of this online version is having the chance to directly interact with the course material (posting comments and suggesting ideas) and with the course coordinator (posting questions and debating answers).

As always we are looking forward to hearing your comments and ideas about the course. Please feel free to contact the course author, Dr. Madhusudhan kalaiahgari V, through email at

We had enough talk, it is time to go to the real world and start your journey inside the cell. I hope you enjoy it!

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