what are the types of Immunity


Immunity what is Immunity? types of Immunity | what is Initiate immunity? what is Acquired immunity? differences between Acquired immunity and Initiate immunity? The resistance offered by the host to the harmful effects of pathogenic microbial infection is called immunity. Immunity is of different types:- Initiate immunity. Acquired immunity. Initiate immunity:- Innate immunity is the … Read more

What are the Types of Immune system Primary and Secondary lymphoid organs

immune system

Immune system   Cells of immune system:- One of the major ways through which the immune system operates by producing different kinds of cells. All the cells of immune system develop from the same group of stem cells of bone marrow. Stem cells: – The stem cells are the precursor cells of lymphocytes. The hematopoietic … Read more

What is immunological techniques types of antigen and antibody reactions

immunological techniques

Immunological techniques What is immunological techniques? what types of antigen- antibody reactions occurs in  immunological techniques? Immunological techniques:- Types of antigen- antibody reactions:- Precipitation:  It refers to a antigen antibody reaction between is soluble antigen and its corresponding antibody resulting in the formation of insoluble precipitate. Antibody causing precipitation is precipitinin. Mechanism: Precipitation is due … Read more

what are the Types of Hypersensitivity and vaccination and Uses

what is Hypersensitivity and vaccination

Hypersensitivity and vaccination Hypersensitivity: It is defined as the reaction of immune system leading to serve and even death indian sensitized animals when we exposed to the same antigen time. Types of hypersensitivity : Hypersensitivity is classified into two ways:-  based on time taken for the reaction  based on the mechanism of pathogen 1} Based … Read more