what are the types of Isotopes in biology and Radioactivity isotopes

what are isotopes

Isotopes in biology The Phenomenon of natural radioactivity was accidentally discovered by the french scientist henry becquerel. When he found that crystals of potassium uranyl sulphate spontaneously emitted a radiation which could blacken photographic plate. Subsequently other naturally radioactive elements like radium, thorium and radon were discovered. Isotopes: the word isotope is derived from the … Read more

What is Chromatography uses and Types of Chromatography


Partition principle: When a solute is allowed to equalibrate itself between two equals volumes of two immiscible liquids the ratio of the concentration of the solute in the two phases at equilibrium at a given temperature is called the partition coefficient. A mixture of substance with different partitions coefficients can be quantitatively separated by a … Read more

What Are The Uses Of Spectrophotometry Types Of Spectrophotometry


Spectrophotometry spectrum of light light is supposed to have a dual characteristics corpuscular and wave form. thus a beam of light has an Electromagnetic wave form a {or} photon of energy propagated at 3×108m/sec at the speed of light. The term Electromagnetic is precise description of the radiation in that radiation is made up of … Read more