what is the lock and key hypothesis of enzyme action

lock and key hypothesis

Lock and key hypothesis:- This model assumes that enzyme and substrate have mutual complementary structure in their free state and are rigid molecules. Any compound having complementary structure to the enzyme can bind to the enzyme and the reaction is possible where as any compound that takes complementary structure to the enzyme cannot bind to … Read more

what type of Factors affecting enzyme activity uses

factors that effecting enzymes activity

 Factors affecting enzyme activity:- The contact between enzyme and substrate is the most essential for enzyme activity. Concentration of enzymes:- As the concentration of enzymes increases the velocity of the reaction proportionally increases. Concentration of substrate:- In the substrate concentration gradually increases the velocity of the enzyme reactions. A rectangular hyperbola is obtained when velocity … Read more

what are the Classification Of Enzymes types and uses Enzymes

classification of enzymes

Enzymes:- Enzymes are biocatalyst is defined as a substance that increases the velocity of the chemical reaction. Engines may be classified as biocatalyst synthesized by living cells these are protein in nature colloidal thermolabial in nature and specific in their reaction. These are active only at particular temperature at low temperature they are inactive and … Read more

what is classification of Lipids uses and type of classification of Lipids

Lipids:- Lipids are heterogeneous group of biomolecules pairing in different functional groups. Due to heterogeneity in the chemical nature lipids are defined based on two common physical properties. These are hydrophobic and insoluble in h2o they required plasma lipoproteins for the transport {ketone bodies are exception because they are relatively soluble in h2 o2} Classification … Read more

what are the Amino acids,Structure of amino acids,types of Amino acids? uses of Amino acids? classification of Amino acids

what are amino acids

Amino acids Amino acids are a group of organic compounds containing two functional groups. They are amino group and carboxylic group. Amino groups is basic while carboxyl group are acidic in nature.  Structure of amino acids:- Structure of amino acids The amino acids are termed as alpha amino acids if both the carbonyl and the … Read more

what are Nucleic acid and chromosomes? what are the uses of Nucleic acid and chromosomes? types of Nucleic acid and chromosomes?

dna stucture

Nucleic acid and chromosomes:- Chemical structure based composition of nucleic acid :- Nucleic acid is a long polymeric molecule, comprising of numerous monomers called nucleotides. Nucleotides is made up of three component-sugar, nitrogen base, phosphoric acid In dna, pentose sugar is deoxyribose, while in RNA it is ribose. The four nitrogen bases found in dna … Read more