BREEDING, CROP IMPROVEMENT AND BIOTECHNOLOGY |complex breeding | new technological developments | underlying biological concepts



This online course includes both basic, more complex breeding and selection methods, new technological developments, and underlying biological concepts. Online learning offers you a flexible learning process and the possibility to compose your own course. It is ideal for professionals and enables them to study the lecture material at their own pace and place. The course will start by presenting an overview of the pl, followed by methods of crop improvement. To be more particular, this course is divided into four quadrants that are consequently divided into lessons each lesson covering a topic in substantial details.

B.Sc. Botany Semester 5 N CORE Course; Course Name- Cell Biology, Genetics and Plant Breeding Course Code- BOT5; Course Duration- Theory – 60 Hrs., Practical – 30 Hrs.; Instructor: KVM


· Quadrant 1 one covers the overview of biotechnology and crop improvement

· Quadrant 2 two deals with mutation in crop improvement

· Quadrant 3 covers the methods of Somoclonal varations in crop improvement

· Quadrant 4 covers Molecular breeding .

The online version of the course will provide you with additional resources such as post lecture assignments (with bonus points), online activities, quizzes and computer based exams (both models and past years exams). Finally, the most important advantage of this online version is having the chance to directly interact with the course material (posting comments and suggesting ideas) and with the course coordinator (posting questions and debating answers).

As always we are looking forward to hearing your comments and ideas about the course. Please feel free to contact the course author, Dr. Madhusudhan kalaiahgari V, through email at [email protected]

We had enough talk, it is time to go to the real world and start your journey inside the cell. I hope you enjoy it!

About Syllabus

· Unit 1 – Plant Breeding and Crop improvement

· Unit 1-Post-assessment

· Unit 2 – Role of mutations in crop improvement

· Unit 2-Post-assessment

· Unit 3 – Role of monoclonal variations in crop improvement

· Unit 3-Post-assessment

· Unit 4 – Molecular Plant breeding

· Unit 4-Post-assessment

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